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About Us

NetGroup Inc. is closely affiliated with NetGroup AB, one of the leading engineering consultancy firms operating in the Swedish automotive industry.

Over 1,000 Engineers

NetGroup currently employs over 1,000 highly skilled engineers.

With our expert employees, diversity of core competencies and services, we offer our clients both deep and broad knowledge of vehicle technology.


  • NetGroup was established in 1999.
  • NetGroup expanded its operation to the USA in 2013.
  • We also offer services in Finland, Denmark, Canada, India, China, Germany and Brazil.

Our Story

NetGroup was initially formed by five established engineering services companies with a vision to provide a complete portfolio of high quality services and competencies to our customers primarily in the automotive industry.

Today we are one of the largest and most comprehensive overall suppliers to the automotive industry in Sweden and are rapidly expanding our operations in the USA and other countries.

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