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Netgroup Engineering Contributes to Revolutionary Volvo VNL Redefining Heavy-Duty Trucking

Volvo VNL  –  Redefining Heavy-Duty Trucking

Volvo Trucks North America, in collaboration with Netgroup Engineering engineers, proudly unveils the all-new Volvo VNL, a groundbreaking heavy-duty truck designed to set industry benchmarks. This next-generation vehicle aims to elevate total customer value, driver productivity, safety, and sustainability. Engineered to address the challenges of the North American market, the Volvo VNL boasts striking aerodynamics, promising a remarkable 10% improvement in fuel efficiency. Sales are set to commence in the upcoming months, with production taking place at the state-of-the-art Volvo Trucks New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Virginia.

“The all-new Volvo VNL was designed to change everything. This product launch marks the beginning of a new era for Volvo Trucks, our customers, and their drivers — a quantum leap forward,” emphasized Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America. This innovation not only showcases a redesigned truck but also signifies Volvo Trucks’ commitment to shaping the future of the transportation industry, with Netgroup Engineering playing a role in this transformative process.

The Volvo VNL focuses on five key areas: Fuel Efficiency, Safety, Driver Productivity, Connected Services, and Uptime, providing unmatched value to customers, drivers, and society at large. The improvements in aerodynamics and driveline enhancements, coupled with the comprehensive safety features, underscore the commitment of Netgroup Engineering to contribute to the success of this groundbreaking vehicle.