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April 2024 Updates

A Growing Team

Over the last few months we have grown our team of engineers as we engage several new projects in the e-mobility and commercial vehicle arenas. Our new team-members work in embedded software systems, suspension concepts, and the design/engineering of new vehicle products.

With our engineers working in so many different areas, this is an exciting place to grow your career and learn new skills. We also continue to value our employees and make sure they have what they need to be successful – whether that’s using the company car after a relocation, or taking some sudden time-off to fix a broken pipe. We don’t just intend to grow our team, but keep our people happy!!

Increased Footprint

Netgroup Engineering is linked to a number of other growing companies that service the automotive industry. We also have offices in Sweden and Bangalore, and our engineers come from all around the globe. This gives us the ability to solve problems for our clients, often before they need to address them. We have been increasing our connectivity between these groups, and are excited to offer even more fluid solutions as we move through 2024.

Pivoting with the E-mobility Trends

The electric vehicle market is definitely facing some changes as consumers and regulators demand concepts that perform well and meet expectations. That is where our engineers have focused their efforts for the last decade. We have created innovative solutions that increase distance, decrease drag, and even move weight around during driving to adjust for hills and terrain.

We are committed to delivering projects on-time or sooner, and we do this by using hand-picked teams with the experience needed. 2024 will be an interesting year for pivoting in this industry ,and we are excited to be at the forefront of many of these changes.